About Me

I’ve been involved with music since I was a child and for a long time I’ve wanted to create music for film and games. In pursuit of this, I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at Newcastle Conservatorium of Music.

I wrote my first soundtrack to a game over 5 years ago and since then I’ve continued to write music for several video games spanning from consoles to pc to web games as well as multiple genres. Highlights include an Adventure Time game – Jake’s Dungeon Stone and a Regular Show game – Lord’s of Loot. I also know how to program (C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS) and how to work in Unity.

Last year I entered into the film scene and I haven’t looked back. I’ve written the soundtrack to several short films located in Australia, London and my most recent project in L.A which I will be revealing more information about soon!

I work using a large variety of extremely realistic virtual instruments to create each soundtrack and I personally shape each note to ensure the highest level of quality. Check out my gear here…

I specifically search for a style of music to suit each individual project and won’t stop looking until you’re happy with it. I’m experienced working long-distance and I’ve worked with people from Australia, Brasil, England, Germany, Iceland, Korea and the USA. I love working on any project whether it’s a film or a game, big or small. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions or for a quote. I’ll happily do a 1 minute demo to help you make your decision!

I look forward to hearing from you,
Caleb Faith