Caleb’s Reaper Toolbox – ALPHA

The Rundown

This project is aimed at composers who produce music in REAPER using sample libraries.

With this project I aim to create a collection of useful scripts to enhance the productivity and workflow of composers using Cockos REAPER. Ranging from track management to MIDI editing and library specific scripts such as tools to manage CSS advanced legato.

At the moment this is a free piece software and it is very much in an ALPHA state so please keep that in mind. There are bound to be bugs and you can report those to caleb (at)

  • MIDI

    • CSS – Automatically move notes when playback has started and a track has “[CSS AL]” (Advanced Legato), “[CSS SL]” (Standard Legato) or “[CSS S]” (Shorts) in it’s name. The notes then move back after playback has finished. Allows you to write notes like old fashioned legato!
    • CSS – Nudge selected note in MIDI Editor automatically for advanced legato delay
    • CSS – Nudge selected note in MIDI Editor automatically for short note┬ádelay
    • Nudge selected note in MIDI Editor by milliseconds
  • Track Management

    • Show all tracks
    • Show all tracks with content in selection bounds
    • Hide empty tracks
    • Cycle all folders compactness


  • Installer

    Download this installer if you want the scripts automagically installed in Reaper’s Script directory. After this you will have to add the scripts via actions manually

    Download Installer
  • .ZIP

    Alternatively if you would prefer to download a .zip extract it to %APPDATA%\Reaper\Scripts. After this you will have to add the scripts manually in the actions menu

    Download .ZIP
Download Manual


After this you’re free to use the scripts however you want within the Actions/Show action list… menu and you can assign them to keystrokes just search for CRT (Caleb’s Reaper Toolbox). You can also create your own toolbars using the Options/Customize Menus/Toolbars menu.

I also highly recommend checking out: SWS / S&M Extension for more functionality!