Really Slow Motion Pitch


Thank you for looking at my music, I appreciate it! I’d like to tell you why you should work with me: I have been composing for film and games for many years with some library work scattered in between but I want to move to composing library music full-time – specifically trailer music. I’m experienced working in orchestral/hybrid orchestral styles and I enjoy branching out into sound design/electronic music. I love writing epic trailer music but I also write delicate, intimate pieces. I’ve also begun working on several personal sample libraries such as my Wine Glasses Kontakt Instrument¬†to help me create a unique sonic palette.

In the past I’ve worked on many short films and games from countries all over the world such as the USA, England, Iceland, South Korea, Greece and more. So it is fair to say that I have experience working over the internet with clients.

Why do I want to work with Really Slow Motion? I’ve actually been following your public release albums for the last few years ever since I discovered¬†“Of Mist and Magic” in 2014. I think that Really Slow Motion would provide me with the opportunity to continue creating the kind of music I truly want to produce while receiving invaluable feedback on my continual path of growing and improving as a composer. Even if my application is unsuccessful any feedback you can provide me would be great.

Please check out my pieces below!
Caleb Faith

Inspiring Trailer (Snippet) New Life
Hybrid Orchestral Mobilize
Inspiring Trailer It"s Time To Come Home
Epic Trailer From Ashes We Will Rise