Caleb Faith

Game & film composer/sound designer

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Caleb Faith
Composer/Sound Designer


Music breathes life into media. Creating emotion and context where otherwise there would be none.

Hi! I'm based in Newcastle, Australia and I've been working in the game and film industries for the past 7+ years. I hold a Bachelor of Music and I love creating sound and seeing how it enhances a production. I have loads of experience in creating Sound Design and Musical Soundtracks for Film, Apps and PC Games.
I also know several programming languages (C++, C#, JS, Java) and I'm experienced in implementing sound in Unity as well as creating custom FMOD solutions. I've worked with projects from all over the world including Asia, USA, Europe and South America.


Music helps establish the mood of a scene and will immerse an audience in the experience.

I work closely with my clients to create a musical soundtrack which uniquely suits each project and I won’t stop working until you’re happy with it! I use a large variety of extremely realistic virtual instruments and personally shape each note to ensure the highest level of quality.
I offer both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing and have options to suit any budget. I love working on any project whether it’s a film or a game, big or small. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions or for a quote. I’ll happily do a 1 minute demo to help you make your decision!

Sound Effects are like the last piece of the puzzle and will truly bring your project to life.

It's always interesting designing SFX as you might find the perfect sound for an object from something completely unrelated. One classic example is the sound of clacking hooves made in post-production by hitting two coconut halves together.
As with music I quote on a project by project basis so that we can work out a budget to suit you and I normally work on SFX at an hourly rate. I'm always happy to work on both SFX and music to create a unified soundtrack for your project!

Why Choose Me?


Every project gets my full attention and utmost care. I closely shape each individual note or sound to produce work that is of my highest quality.

On Time

I take great care managing your project to ensure everything is delivered on or before the agreed upon timeline.


I ensure every project gets a unique, creative and individual sound profile so that it can standout from the competition.

Negotiable Pricing

I work closely with clients to ensure that we can work out a budget to suit you. Whether a flat hourly rate or a complete project quote.


I have experience writing music in many genres and styles including: Orchestral, Epic Trailers, Indie Electronic, Electronic Pop, 8bit, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Jazz...

Friendly and Reliable

I respond quickly to messages and I don't bite! I won't disappear halfway through a project (I couldn't think of anything worse)

What people say?

Thanks for doing such a amazing job on the music. Its rocks!


What people say?

The tracks sound great and really help tie together the atmosphere of the game. Thank you so much for your help!


What people say?

Thank you for letting us get those sound files in early on the project for testing and setup, helped a lot!



Newcastle, NSW, Australia